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What to expect on Sundays

When you pull into the parking lot Sunday morning look for one of our Welcome Team members who can direct you where to park and how to get to the entrance.  If you have kids that would like to attend our wonderful children's service please let one of our lobby greeters know and they can direct you to where to go.  If you're a coffee drinker you are in luck because we have partnered with an amazing distributor to provide the best coffee in all of Ogden.  Futures Coffee Collective provides us with freshly prepared coffee each and every Sunday and it is completely free.  Once you have your coffee in hand just head into the worship center and let one of our ushers help you find seats for yourself and your group.  We can accommodate groups of any size so bring your friends, family, Ultimate Frisbee Team, or your neighbors with you.  It is going to be an amazing time and you wouldn't want them to miss it.  

You will immediately notice we have an amazing group of very talented vocalists and musicians that absolutely love worshiping our King.  During this time of praise and worship we encourage you to sing as loud as you want, raise your hands to him, and just use this time to prepare your heart for His word. 

Bible is in our name so that should tell you we are pretty fired up about it! We believe that everything in the 66 books of the Bible are true and perfectly sufficient without any interpretation of man.  We want you to enjoy His word during Pastor John's message without any of the outside influences that change or alter what God has to say.  

After service take a few minutes to meet some of the other guests and volunteers from the church then make your way into the lobby to meet Pastor John and his wife Sarah.  If it is your first time visiting we have a little gift for you to thank you for visiting us.