Why does it have to be so difficult to get involved in a church?

Here at Harvest, we make it as simple as...



Every Sunday after the service Pastor John and his wife Sarah will be in the lobby available for you to connect. They have a guest bag full of goodies to take with you.

Step 2.png


We want to be as clear as possible about who we are...if we could just have 30 minutes of your time. The last Sunday of each month, you will get to know our leaders, vision and have an opportunity to ask any question on your mind.

Step 3.png


Every quarter, we share a meal immediately following the Sunday service. Free food and free childcare - that's love right there!

We want to spend 4 hours (Two, 2 hour classes) with you for a highly interactive time of sharing who we are, what we believe, and what it looks likes to make Harvest home. We are convinced authentic disciples of Jesus worship walk and work for Him. 

At the end of Step 3, you will have an opportunity to partner with us in our mission by becoming a Harvest member.